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Research & Consulting

Driving Digital Transformation with Expert Analysis and Tailored Solutions. Our team provides in-depth research and customized consulting services to help organizations navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape and achieve their transformation goals.

Expert Community

Connecting and Empowering Digital Transformation Professionals. Get the Invitaion to join the network of experts and industry leaders, sharing knowledge and best practices, to stay ahead of the curve and drive innovative digital solutions.

Business & HR Matching

Connecting Businesses and Talent for Digital Transformation and ICT. Our matchmaking service pairs companies with the skilled professionals they need to drive digital transformation, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring successful outcomes.

Uniting for a Better Future

“DX Mongolia: We are driving Digital Transformation with a Proven Track Record. From Founding the Successful IT Company Digimo in Japan to Developing Cutting-Edge Space Embedded Systems & IoT, Drones & AI Technologies, Advancing Education, and Supporting Government Initiatives.

Our Mission is to Continuously Drive Technological Progress and Build a Stronger Workforce.”

Nandinbaatar Tsog PhD.

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